About Us
Anton's Floor Covering LLC was founded on the principle of providing the best quality materials and finest craftsmanship in the flooring business.

About Anton’s Floor Covering LLC

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and take pride in providing a service that is truly unmatched by our competitors.

Anton’s Floor Covering LLC was founded in 2008 by Anton Korotchuk, a working owner.

Anton’s determination to provide the best quality products and finest craftsmanship in the flooring business, and to always exceed his clients’ expectations, has helped the company grow and prosper despite harsh economic times. Loyal repeat clients, as well as new clients, appreciate the red carpet service they receive from Anton’s Floor Covering LLC during every step of remodeling their homes or offices.

Anton Korotchuk began his career in the flooring industry in 2002 as an apprentice for a prominent local flooring company. He worked his way up to flooring foreman and completed many successful flooring projects throughout the Twin Cities:

  • Upper Landings Condos, St Paul MN by Rottlund Homes
  • Mississippi Flats, St Paul MN by Rottlund Homes
  • Carlyle Residences, Minneapolis, MN by Opus Companies
  • Rum River District Condos, Anoka, MN by Rottlund Homes
  • Ivy Hotel, Minneapolis, MN by Borson Construction Company
  • Reflection Condos, Bloomington, MN by McGouth Construction Company
  • and many more, including Centex, Ryland, Rottlund

Anton is a Cum Laude Alumni from University of St. Thomas. In 2007 he received a Flooring Certificate from St. Paul College to further his knowledge of the flooring trade.

Anton has a unique approach to assuring that he stays true to his principle of providing the best possible service to his customers. During meetings with his crew following the completion of a job, they reflect on how they performed and how they might be able to improve even more the next time around. This management approach, Anton believes, results in the exceptional, high quality craftsmanship his clients have come to appreciate.

Anton Korotchuk

Anton Korotchuk was born in Kremenets in the Western Ukraine. In 1995 he and his parents immigrated to the United States with hopes of living the American Dream.

After graduating with honors from Eden Prairie High School, Anton went on to achieve an undergraduate business degree from the University of St. Thomas and pursued his dream of owning his own business. He had always enjoyed the world of commerce and saw how companies achieved success by offering superior products and services.

Anton took steps to master the flooring trade—his chosen field— and to advance his education. He founded Anton's Floorcovering LLC in 2008, convinced that he could offer a superior company to the construction industry.

Anton lives in Chaska, Minnesota with his wife Irene and their four wonderful children, Vanessa (10), Michael (4), Sophia (3), and David (2 months). Anton enjoys helping others, spending time with his family, and providing the best service possible to his clients.